It was 49 years ago today, August 28,1963 that Martin Luther King Jr., delivered one of the most famous and recited speeches in American history. The video of that speech is still one that you may have seen a few times. However, it is worth watching again.Even though the reason he gave the speech was to promote equal and fair treatment of African Americans in the United States, this speech should be an inspiration to us all for more than just equality and peace between people of a different race. It can be a guide for life. The courage that it took to deliver such a speech during that time in the USA is something that impressed me most of all. I can even remember watching it a few times along side my father. He was a history teacher and always showed the utmost respect for Dr. King. We made sure we didn't speak when this speech came on and dad was around. Even 20, 30 years after it was delivered, my father made sure we respected it as if we were listening to being delivered live.

Speeches such as this one from 49 years ago really made an impact on my dad and I imagine it is exactly why he was so enthused about teaching kids about history of this great country. It showed what people had to  (and in many cases, sadly, some still do)  go through. My dad was always famous for reminding us as kids that "not everyone has had the advantages we have had." He meant that we should never judge or put people down based on what we see on the outside. Color, race or physical ability was never a factor in how my father treated people. He respected people the same no matter what.  That saying makes so much sense to me today and the more famous and powerful speech from Dr King is even more relevant and powerful to me as an adult in 2012.