Currently, on the Country Chart's Top 50 Songs, only 4 female solo artists are present. Artists like Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood have voiced their concern recently to point out the lack of female artists in the country music playlist.

In addition, when was the last time we really saw a female duet? Let alone the fact that these are arguably the two most elite female artists in the game right now. The song which is reportedly called "Something Bad" has the potential to be a huge, huge hit and make a statement. Miranda announced that the tune will be on her next project called, Platinum which is scheduled to come out June 3rd this year.

Miranda, who is ranked as one of the Most Influential Country Artists hopes to have a music video for the tune too, adding:

I’m hoping she’ll come to the dark side and blow something up or set something on fire in the video or whatever.