I came across this poll this morning, and it is not only scary, it's very sad. Many American teens when asked couldn't give a reason why we celebrate the Fourth of July. But that wasn't the only historical blunder. Wait 'til you read what else they don't know. According to the survey I read from ABCNews:

For 14 percent of U.S. teens, the Fourth of July will mark the historic day we declared independence from France.

Another 5 percent think we rose up against the tyrannous Canadians on July 4, 1776.

I guess maybe it's the fact that my father was a history teacher, but I think there are certain things that Americans over the age of 10 should just know. For example. the Civil War. North vs. South -- seems simple right?? But, again from ABCNews:

More than a quarter of those surveyed didn't know the two sides fighting in the Civil War.

I bet if you would ask teens what their favorite phone app is or what their favorite Justin Bieber song is, they would have no problem answering correctly. This is not a shock when you consider how much emphasis is put on technology and how little attention is paid to how we got this far as a country, but if it wasn't for the people and events that are listed above, the freedoms we enjoy today may not exist! I think it's time America brushes up on its history!