It’s just a short drive down the Thruway in Rochester – it’s the National Toy Hall of Fame. It opened in 1998 and there are 46 toys that have met the requirements to be included. Last year’s inductees were playing cards and the game of Life. To be included in the hall toys must be well known, recognized and respected. It’s been enjoyed over multiple generations, it creates learning and discovery by playing with it and somehow it changed toy or play design. Make nominations here: Toy Hall of Fame Nominations

The museum is located at the Strong National Museum of Play – home to the world’s largest collection of toys and dolls. They estimate a half million different artifacts – dolls, toys, games and other play related objects. It was founded on the personal collection of Margaret Woodbury Strong who had a huge collection of dolls. The museum also displays more than 10-thousand toy catalogs.

Here are the other toys in the Toy Hall of Fame -

Alphabet Blocks, the Atari 2600 Video Game system, Baby Doll, Ball, Barbie, the Bicycle, the Big Wheel tricycle, Candy Land, Checkers, Crayola Crayons, Duncan Yo-Yo, Easy-Bake Oven, Erector Set, Etch A Sketch, Frisbee, G.I. Joe, Hula Hoop, Jack-in-the-Box, Jacks, Jigsaw Puzzle, Jump Rope, Kite, LEGO, Lincoln Logs, Lionel Trains, Marbles, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, Nintendo Game Boy, Play-Doh, Radio Flyer Wagon, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Rocking Horse, Roller Skates, SCRABBLE, Silly Putty, Skateboard, Slinky, Stick, Teddy Bear, Tinkertoy, Tonka Trucks, View-Master and probably one of the most fun toys of all – the cardboard box. It really is in the Toy Hall of Fame.