Many people have an obsession with having a nice tanned skin tone.  They'll tan for hours in a bed or a booth.  Some even use methods such as spray tanning.  LOL...Believe it or not, I've actually spray tanned my girlfriend before.  Yes, she purchased a spray tan machine w/tent (which I'm ready to sell) because of her fear of the harmful bulbs in the tanning beds.  Now, we're hearing that even the spray tan can be dangerous.  Guess there's no way out girls (and fist pumping delta-bravos).  OKAY- back to the indoor tanning- A new study published in the "British Medical Journal" says that indoor tanning accounts for nearly 170-thousand cases of skin cancer annually.  The types of cancer include "basal-cell carcinomas" and "squamous-cell carcinomas"---both are usually non-life threatening.


(Metro Source)