If you're looking to hire  the most talented people to work for your company, what do you do?  You choose from the greatest number of people available right?  That's exactly what the NFL has chosen to do as they are thinking about adding female referees to the field in the near future.

If you are looking for the best referees in the game, then why wouldn't you increase the pool from which you can choose them and include females in your list of eligible candidates?

One of the candidates is currently officiating games at the D-1 collegiate level.  Sarah Thomas has been throwing flags at the Division 1 level for the last 5 years and can now be considered eligible to move up to the professional level.  She says that she's not in it to start a revolution however.

"Any professional sport is at the highest level, and if they asked me to officiate at that level, I would not turn them down."  -- Sarah Thomas

I've got absolutely no problem at all with it.  I just want a competent person on the field who can make the right calls at the right time.  I don't really care who's wearing the stripes, as long as they can do the job.

Besides...my wife tells me that women are always right.  This is a good chance to find out!

For more on the Sarah Thomas story check out espn.com.