When I worked in the record business in 1979 and 1980, one of the artists who was really coming into vogue was Nick Lowe. Nick was a pivotal figure in punk rock and new wave. He also has ties to country music royalty as he was married to Carlene Carter for eleven years and remained close to the Cash family even after the divorce. He also recorded with his father-in-law Johnny Cash.

It has been said that Nick Lowe is a paradox because his songs are more famous than he is. Most of us should be so lucky, right? His biggest U.S. hit was "Cruel To Be Kind". Other artists who have had hits with his songs include:  Elvis Costello, Rockpile, Dave Edmunds and Johnny Cash

Last week, Nick Lowe was in Buffalo at Ani DiFranco's Babeville. many of my friends were at the show including Tom Garwol of Williamsville who snapped these photos.