Nik Wallenda high above the grandstand crowd [photo by Dale Mussen][/caption] 

Nik Wallenda preparing to ride the lift to the high wire [photo by Dale Mussen][/caption]It was the perfect attraction for the 175th Erie County Fair.  High wire artist Nik Wallenda thrilled thousands of fairgoers on Sunday with his Skywalk across the fairgrounds.  On a wire 5/8ths of an inch wire stretched between two cranes he took under a half hour to walk the 1/4 mile from a location near the Fireman's Building to the McKinley Parkway end of the Gusto grandstand. 

In all the years I've attended the fair it was one of the most spectacular events I've ever witnessed and what's amazing is that Wallenda made it look so easy.  Equipped with a two-way radio, he answered questions from the MC and thanked the crowd as he walked.  He had some nice things to say about Western New York including the beautiful summer weather and his appreciation of all the support he's received.

Volunteers anchored the high wire [photo by Dale Mussen][/caption]There were 104 volunteers who anchored the wire from the ground.  They were instructed to wrap the rope around their body, lean back and kind of sit on it.  As Wallenda approached, a member of his team would come and assist the person anchoring that line.

With the setting sun at his back, the image of Wallenda walking 120-feet high above the fairgrounds will remain a wonderful memory for thousands.

Nik Wallenda approaching the end of his Skywalk [photo by Dale Mussen][/caption]