The idea of medical marijuana being legalized in New York State is a very controversial issue that Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed in Utica on Monday.  Cuomo  understands that there are benefits from the usage of  marijuana for medicinal purposes, but also thinks that the risks far outweigh those benefits.  Back in 2010, Cuomo rejected the idea of legalizing pot for medical use, but now he says..... he is reconsidering.  Cuomo went on to say that the idea is not in this year's plans, but will be brought up again and researched for the future.

I look at it like this.....If it helps you, take it.  It's your life!

I've watched a number of documentaries on this topic and I side with the legalization of the plant for medicinal purposes.  Plenty of other states have legalized marijuana for medical use and they also let patients grow a specific amount in their own homes.  One big reason why it's not legal for prescription use is because it cures or alleviates many ailments.  One wonder drug, somewhat of a cure all.  That one wonder drug would suck money away from pharmaceutical companies....and they don't want that!