There are certain things that I need to do before I'm ready to pass from one season into another.  Today I moved one step closer to spring.

For me, it's just not summer until after you've had a beer on the beach.  It's not summer until you've spent an entire day in or around the pool.  It's not fall until you've been to a football game.  It's not spring until you've had a day outside without a coat and there's still snow on the ground.  These are the things I think of when I think about the seasons passing.  It's one great thing that we have here in Buffalo, New York.  We get all four seasons at their best.

Crazy as it may be, I actually look forward to winter too.  When most people think winter, they think blustery days clearing out snow from the driveway or major holidays like Christmas or New Year's Eve.  But Christmas can come and go with New Year's Eve and it's still not winter until I've made a snowman.  It's just something I've done all my life and it's almost as if I've missed the season if it becomes spring before I've made one.

As funny as it may be, I spent maybe 2 hours outside with my kids today.  We made a snowman and threw snowballs.  It was a short part of the day.  But those memories will last them a lifetime. 

That being said, I'm ready now for the days without coats and beers on the beach.