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New ‘Willy Wonka’ Movie Is On The Way
Wether you like this idea or not it will happen. Warner Brother has gotten the rights from the Ronald Dahl estate for "Willy Wonka". They will be working on a "stand alone" Willy Wonka movie about his early life. If the movie is a hit we could see a franchise...
It’s the Season for Tricks, Pranks and Vandalism
With Halloween fast approaching it seems always this time of year you need to be vigilant of pranksters and people up to no good wanting to wreck property and smash pumpkins.
Now I'm no prude, I understand the concept of pranks but all in good fun does not include having your property damaged by…
Buffalo Sabres Fall To Calgary In Overtime
The Buffalo Sabres led three times against the Calgary Flames Tuesday night only to see the Flames come back to tie each time.  The Sabres never trailed, until the final goal of the game was scored in overtime as the Flames won 4-3.  It keeps the Sabres winless in Calgary since 2003.

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