When the guy shows up at HSBC Arena in the flesh it's hard to deny he's not there.  The Buffalo Sabres released a statement that Terry Pegula met with team officials on Tuesday for informal discussions ahead of buying the team from Tom Golisano.  For weeks various sources have reported that Pegula will plunk down $175-million to buy the team, but minority investor Larry Quinn continued to deny there was an elephant in the room...."a sale?  What sale?  I don't know anything about a sale."   I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea.  

Pegula is a self-made billionaire and a Sabres fan.  Friends have said he would love to see the Sabres win multiple Stanley Cups and realizes it takes money to get the people and players in place to do that.  I love to hear that.  Finally a guy who cares about getting the job done.  Still no word on when the formal offer will be made.