Pretty ugly incident involving Randy Travis early yesterday morning in Texas. Police say when they arrived on the scene Travis was lying naked in the street with his smashed up Trans Am off to the side of the road in some construction materials. When police tried to put him in a patrol car he allegedly threatened to kill them.

That comes less than six months after he was charged with public intoxication when he was found in a car parked in front of a church. He explained he had just had an argument with his girlfriend. He apologized to his fans and said he used bad judgement.

So how is going to explain this one?

Travis is one of many entertainers who’ve had problems with alcohol. Probably the most famous of them is George Jones. He got the nickname “No Show Jones” for the number of times he missed concerts because he was drunk. At home his wife hid the car keys to all of their cars so he couldn’t go drinking. One set of keys she forgot to hide was the ones to the riding lawn mower. So he used it to drive 10 miles to a saloon where she found him.

Wynonna Judd – she was pulled over for speeding in Nashville and it was obvious she had done a little too much celebrating that night. She had her license pulled for a year and ordered to do 200 hours of community service.

Glen Campbell is famous for his DWI arrests. In one he crashed his BMW into another car, then kneed a police officer who tried to arrest him. He served 10 days in jail and had to have an interlock ignition on his car for two years.