A listener sent this photo in of a rattlesnake found in Letchworth State Park. Although rattlesnakes are not uncommon in the northeast, they rarely come in contact with humans.

Here are some tips to avoid meeting a rattlesnake :

Try to walk on cleared or paved paths so you can see where you put your feet and avoid stepping on a snake by accident.

Use a Flashlight in dark areas, especially during twilight hours and at night.

Wear closed shoes and long pants if you expect to be walking in grassy and overgrown areas.

If you see a snake, leave it alone and walk around it. Rattlesnakes will attack humans if they feel threatened.

Never hike alone, use the “buddy system”

In residential areas, ensure that corridors and paths are well lit. Cover crevices and potential entrances into buildings.

Cover drainpipe openings with fine wire mesh.