About a week ago I was channel surfing and came across a live concert from Cleveland, Ohio featuring Jefferson Starship along with a youth orchestra. After listening to a couple of songs, my mind was flooded with memories of my youth. I grew up in the 60's and 70's listening to many of the great rock and roll bands of that era. Everything from the Beatles to Zeppelin and everything in between. The Jefferson Starship (formerly the Jefferson Airplane and later on, just Starship) was always a favorite.

 I remember buying a cassette of Red Octopus back in 1975 at my local National Record Mart store. That album contained one of my all time favorite Jefferson Starship hits called "Miracles". The song was written by Marty Balin and was inspired by a woman he was dating at the time. It's one of those classic songs that I have never gotten tired of hearing, even after all these years. After seeing this concert on TV, I have been going back through my old CD's and rediscovering Jefferson Starship. You can find out more about this great San Francisco band by checking out this link.