It's pretty much a routine in this town.  Sometimes it's early.  Sometimes it's later.  But you just know that every year you're going to reach a point when you know your team just isn't going to win the championship.  With the Buffalo Bills we're already so disgusted we're already thinking about next year's college draft.  With the Buffalo Sabres (if they ever get on the ice this season), they always seem to come up just a little bit short.

I came across this heartbreaking video of a little St. Louis Cardinals fan as the Cards were losing the National League Championship Series to the San Francisco Giants.  I think little Bills and Sabres fans go thru the same thing until you realize that it's just the way things are in pro sports when you root for Buffalo teams.  Then you get hardened to it and just expect it.  I know Terry Pegula is determined to bring a Stanley Cup to Buffalo but I'll believe it when I see it.  The Bills?  Whew - that's a whole other story too depressing to discuss here.

For this Cardinals fan - I'm sure better days ahead.  Just remember you have to experience the disappointment of losing to fully appreciate the joy of winning a championship.