OK, OK -- fantasy football isn’t an exact science.

Last week, I hit some home runs -- Brandon Lafell, Kevin Ogletree and CJ Spiller -- but then I threw out the likes of Jay Cutler as a hero, and in true Cutler fashion, he had a bit of a meltdown. The jury is still out on Alfred Morris, as Shanahanigans will surely kick in soon, so three out of four ain't bad!

Here's who I'm calling out this week:

Andre Brown -- HERO! Before the season started, David Wilson was supposed to be the sleeper back in New York, but then he proved that holding on to the ball was too tough. Then Ahmad Bradshaw went down with a concussion. Enter Brown -- almost 100 total yards, a touchdown, and a two-point conversion! Also, the Giants are playing the Carolina Panthers, who have been allowing almost 150 rushing yards a game.

Michael Turner -- ZERO! A couple hours after the Atlanta Falcons big win, the man known as “The Burner” set his career on fire with his DWI arrest! The guy rushed for 42 yards on 17 carries, so hopefully he was drowning his sorrows. Needless to say he’s a zero.

Dennis Pitta -  HERO! I liked what I saw in Pitta during Week 1, but I wasn’t convinced he was a  no. 1 tight end on his team, let alone in a fantasy league. But last week, Pitta convinced me he was the real deal. He didn’t put up amazing stats, but what he did do warrants being picked up to support a very weak position...especially for all of you who drafted Aaron Hernandez!

Donald Avery – ZERO! Minnesota double-teamed Reggie Wayne all day after he had 18 targets in Week 1. So that allowed Avery, who is only starting because Austin Collie is out with a head injury, to run free. Here's a piece of advice: Avoid third wide receiver on teams with rookie quarterbacks!

Scott Chandler –- HERO! With David Nelson down with a season-ending injury, the Buffalo Bills are looking for their next big target. Chandler led the league in touchdowns through the first three weeks of last season, and with no no. 2 in Buffalo, Chandler will become Ryan Fitzpatrick’s next big target.

Contributed by Dennis Mazur