Weeks ago I started seeing the Easter decorations fill the aisles of the grocery store and drug stores that I shop at.  I think they display them right after Valentine’s Day.   I’ve been trying so hard to resist the Easter candy aisle because it’s filled with chocolate bunnies, eggs and more.  I love me some milk chocolate and when it’s shaped like a bunny I’m weak.  Also, it just brings back memories of when my brother and sisters and I would hunt the house for the basket that the Easter Bunny hid for us to find on Easter morning.  The bunny always did a good job of hiding our basket; one of us would always stumble upon the other person’s basket and then try our best not to give the hiding spot away.  I remember finding my basket in the dryer, behind the living room curtains and so many other great spots throughout the house.  I laugh thinking about my older sister Lisa, for some reason the Easter Bunny would hide her basket in a place where it would take hours for her to find.  We would stop the search so we could go to church, come home afterward to try and help her find it.  She used to get so mad but would eventually find it with the help of some clues from my mom (Peter cotton tail must have shared the hiding spot with my mom, lol). This year I will be going to Lisa’s for Easter dinner and you bet we’ll be reminiscing about those Easter mornings.  I think I will stop at the store tonight and treat myself to a chocolate bunny.