What's going on?

NEW Beer Themed Hotel, Need I Say More...
Some hotels promise to leave the light on, offer a great breakfast, or pool for relaxation... But that doesn't come close to what this new hotel is offering it's guests!

Popular Game Show Coming To Rochester
If you think you have what it takes to compete and win, make sure you mark this event in your calendar right now! After making a long awaited come back, this game show is one you won't wanna miss...
Lancaster Man Becomes A Millionaire
They say you can't win if you don't play, and one lucky Lancaster resident is definitely happy he decided to play. Can you imagine running into your usual go to gas station, grabbing some gas, a cold drink and well... 3 million dollars!?
It's Time To Think Turkey...Turkey Trot That is
Now that August is already here, it's only right to start your holiday shopping...okay maybe that's a bit much, we still have plenty of summer left. However, many Buffalo folks are already thinking turkey, as in the YMCA Turkey Trot!
You Win The Lottery But What Do You Do With That Cash...
Winner winner chicken dinner! We all have dreams of winning a ton of money by playing the lottery, but have you ever thought about what you would actually do with all that cash? Check out what some winners did...
It's A Bird It's A Plane...It's A...Bride?
Everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding day, and to have something that sets them aside from every other bride and groom. One bride took beating the competition to "new heights" I guess you could say.
National Ice Cream Day Is Coming, These Flavors Made The Top Ten
You never really need a reason to eat ice cream, but if for some strange reason you do, Sunday (July 15th) is National ice cream day! With that being said, the toughest part of celebrating this day is trying to figure out what flavor you want to indulge in.
Cat Lover's Check Out This Hotspot Coming Soon
It's not uncommon to see dogs out and about around town, but cats? Check this out, If you love cats, and wish you could hang out with some while out for a bite to eat, soon you will be able to!
Micro Apartments Coming To Buffalo
If you think less is more, a new apartment complex coming to Buffalo may be the perfect answer if you're looking to downsize, save money, or find a place of your own.

These 10 Summer Toys Made The "Unsafe" List
Summer time means school is done and children are encouraged to get outside, explore, and play!...But are the toys your kids playing with safe? A new list has come out that informs parents of ten toys they should avoid buying their children this summer.
$1 Movies Are Back For The Summer
School's just about over, finally, which means it's time to kick-off summer break. Even though we don't get many warm months here in WNY, sometimes you need a break from the summer heat, and going to the movies is a great way to cool off and have some family fun.
Health Dept. Urges NYS To Legalize Marijuana
Looks like moves are being made to bring legalized marijuana to New York State, and no, this isn't the result of a protest or petition, but rather the work of the New York Department of Health.
Coming Soon...Beer In Your Ice Cream
Two things I love during the summer time months, Ice cold beer and my favorite cool treat, ice cream. What would make these two favorites even better? How about having your beer infused in your ice cream?!
Make Good Money By Sitting Outside This Summer
Okay, so maybe there's a little more to it, but in a way it's true...Turns out you can make some decent income this summer by spending your days hanging out in the sun, poolside, in Buffalo.
Things To Do This Weekend For Father's Day
Father's day is just about here!! If you forgot, it's Sunday June 17th, and lucky for us, there's a TON of stuff happening throughout WNY that we all get to enjoy.