It may not make the wife happy, but yes, in the word's of Hank Williams Jr., "A Country Boy Can Survive" even over his brides initial objections.  Perhaps even Jeff Foxworthy can add this to his "You're A Redneck If" repertoire.

It's a matter of priority. You need to ask the question, "does a nearly 60 year old tractor deserve the warmth a garage"?  You bet!  Besides, her new car has that remote-start feature, so at least it's warm when she gets in it. And whenever possible I do try and brush the snow away for her. 

So around these parts the 1952 Ford 8N tractor stays in the garage during the winter and her new "baby" stays outside. It seems to be helping as it has started every time I need "her", ah...the tractor that is, to move that snow.

So for those who may be saying, 'something is wrong with this picture', I say, "I don't think so".  My wife has not complained too much lately (operative word there is MUCH).  I think she may be even starting to feel sorry for the tractor. Now that's MY kinda woman!