Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I went to more Sabres games this year than I have ever been to in a single season. Even though the team has not done too well this year, almost every game I have gone to has produced a win. My long time friend Bob Mayer treated me to the last Sabres home game of the year last night. As I mentioned on my show yesterday, you just knew that the F. N. Center would be filled with a sea of blue and white Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys. And it was! When the Leafs scored those first three goals in the first period, I almost felt I was in Toronto because the cheering was so loud. Not a good feeling to say the least. BUT, somehow our Buffalo Sabres found a way to come back, crawling and scratching their way to tie it in the third period and send the game into overtime. Derek Roy was able to notch the winning goal in the OT period. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

As my buddy Bob and I were taking the escalator from the 200 level down to the main lobby, I experienced something I have never ever seen or heard at a Sabres game. It started out small as a few groups of fans began to clap. Then it started to build with a furious intensity. Suddenly there was a tremendous swell as the applause and cheers built and built, the volume increasing with every second. Within thrity seconds, the thunderous cheers and applause crested into a mighty crescendo. The entire lobby was erupting into a spontaneous wall of sound and energy. It was like one big explosion of fan appreciation for the Buffalo Sabres. It actually gave me goosebumps because you could feel the electricity in the air. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. What a moment!