This class of 2013 at Combs High School in Arizona had a senior prank like none other. They had a massive food fight-type prank that resulted in tons of students getting banned from graduation ceremonies.

Enter the class of 2014. A much different story.

The Seniors at Combs High School decided to 'prank it forward' instead and help someone else in need. A server that works at the local Olive Tree has some pretty heavy medical bills, and the students wanted to help out, so they raised $510 to help him out with the bills.

According to FOX:

"It was amazing to see the look on his face when he was so filled with joy, and he wanted to cry, but didn't want to cry because he's a guy," said Hailey Wilt.

"He tried to give us the money back, he's like, 'Here, what are you doing?'" said Eva Ribbons. "And as he opened it, all the money was right there, and he was like, "Um, here you you go," and we were like, "No, Combs High School is presenting this prank it forward to you because you deserve it."