This news may be a heart breaker to young "Swifties" (fans of Taylor Swift).  According to reports from Nashville's WKRN, hundreds of unopened pieces of fan mail addressed to the superstar were found in a Dumpster.

Ouch!!  Just when your hopeful little daughter thinks her letter to Taylor Swift just may reach her, you hear a story like this.  What could be worse? Hearing that they were letters to Santa, maybe?

Anyway...the letters were found by a woman named Kylee Francescan, who brought the information to the station's attention. From there, the station did a little work and found out that the letters had been made out to a P.O. Box, from which a member of the T-Swizzle team comes and collects the mail every once in a while.

A spokesperson for the Swift camp says (paraphrasing): Taylor gets tons of mail every day. The letters are read and recycled.  It's possible that a batch of unopened letters mistakenly made it to the recycle dumpster.

Commentary -- You really can't blame Taylor for this.  Do you think she, herself, walked the letters out to the Dumpster?  Swift gets tons of letters and requests each day.  You know it gets a little annoying.  How much time do you think Taylor has to go through mail?  Not a lot...I bet you.  So, what happens is that the "mail team" is overwhelmed and tosses a bunch of letters out...OR...maybe the mistake holds truth.  Maybe a batch of unopened letters mistakenly ended up in the Dumpster. I'm betting that the "mail team" tossed 'em out...purposely!   Either way it is not a "good look" for Taylor Swift.  

(Metro Source)