This Drink Is Number One When It Comes To Alcohol
When it comes to alcohol in America, BEER is number one! A poll performed by Gallup showed that 40% of people would rather sip on a beer over wine or liquor. If you want even more of a breakdown on who enjoys beer most, men who take that honor...
Clarence! You Have A New Brewery In Town!
Welcome, the newest brewery to Western New York: West Shore Brewing in Clarence! The brewery is actually home to two new brews PLUS, VB Beers which are finally in Buffalo, NY. Now, we have to add them to the Western New York Brewery Tour!

West Shore Wheat
Victor’s VB Brewing
Canoe Lager
Coast to …
The Buffalo Distillery Tour Checklist
This would be a fun weekend afternoon going from tasting room to tasting room around Buffalo trying all the WNY-made liquors that are offered!
After bringing you the Buffalo Brewery Tour Checklist, we thought we'd shake it up and get you the Buffalo Distillery Tour Checklist, in case you&ap…
New York Gets Answer On Alcohol In Movie Theaters
Will alcohol finally be served in movie theaters in New York? Governor Cuomo proposed the idea recently to allow alcohol sales in movie theaters around New York. He proposed that one drink per transaction  EVEN if there is no kitchen would still bring in tons of money to the state and help stru…
The 5 Best Whiskey Bars You Need To Try in Buffalo, NY [LIST]
We brought to you the perfect list of Buffalo Brewery Checklist and the Distillery Tour Checklist, but Buffalo has a few hidden (or not so hidden) bars that specialize in Whiskey.
As we get ready for the cold months in Buffalo it's the perfect time for to check out some of these new hot spots fo…
The ‘Brunch Bill’ Is Now a Law – New At Noon
It's official.  What was known as the "Brunch Bill" has become a law.  According to The Buffalo News, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that says restaurants and bars can begin serving alcohol at 10 a.m. on Sundays and can apply for a permit 12 times per year …
4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for You and Your Kids
Flickr user Dinner Series
Make yourself one (or more) of these to beat the heat. (There’s a virgin recipe for each one as well, so the kids — and your lightweight Aunt Betty — can feel equally cool.)
Don't just stick to plain lemonade, mix it up and check out these rec…

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