Playing Dominos With 10,000 iPhone 5s
It seems these folks have a lot of time on their hands.  They created a huge domino pattern using iPhone 5's.  It is pretty impressive to watch as they use an elevator as part of their course.  Its all about timing.  Watch
So this is what we do with 10,000 spare iPhone 5s
Posted by T-Pain on Friday…
2014 Holiday Apple Commerical Is As Strong As Ever [VIDEO]
On the Apple YouTube account it explains: have the power to create thoughtful, emotional gifts and memories that transcend time. It could be a movie, a homemade card or a song that brings two generations closer together."
Apple is known for it's powerful, meaningful commercials du…
14 First World Problems Created By iOS 7
Whether you're an iPhone fan or not, you're probably well aware iOS 7 was released yesterday. For all non-users, this basically means the phone's software was amped up a bit, which sounds like it'd be totally cool, but as soon as people could download it, Twitter exploded with co…

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