Bear Sightings in Orchard Park [VIDEO]
Orchard Park, did you see any more bears this weekend around town? Late last week some sightings of a bear have been reported in people's backyards looking for food. It's not the first time that bears have been spotted in Orchard Park either...
WATCH: Black Bear Breaks Into Home + ‘Plays’ Piano
Imagine walking into your house on this guy roaming around. Actually, imagine him playing the piano.
A Colorado family arrived home to find their house was ransacked over the weekend by a vandal with "grizzly" intentions. The family first believed their house had been ransacked by burglars,…
Wait? Is This A Bear Or Dog?
Well, thankfully the first great mystery of 2016 has been solved. Now, you be the judge, what is this really? A bear or a dog?
Ryan Horn works at a doggy daycare in Nashville, TN and texted this picture to his friends and wrote,"Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care...
LOOK: Man Shoots Bear Who Broke Into His Home [VIDEO]
These pictures can be pretty graphic.
Imagine this one. You're sleeping. It's the middle of the night and all the sudden your dog starts going wild – barking like you've never heard before. You go out in to the kitchen where the dog is, and you see a massive grizzly bear...
Bear Tries To Attack Man + Caught On GoPro [VIDEO]
This has been shared over 2 million times and every time I see this on someone's Facebook, I think "that ought to be fake", but now you be the judge.
Here's the caption of the video on YouTube:
It was a usual day, I decided tо cycle in the forest and to record my walk o…

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