Buffalo New York

Three Alarm Fire On North Ogden
There was a three alarm fire tonight.  Buffalo firefighters were called out around 9pm for a fire on North Ogden and Reiman.  The caption that we received said that the fire was at the CSX building on North Ogden St. in Lovejoy.  Thank you to the WYRK listener who sent us this picture of the fire.  …
The Buffalo Skyline [GALLERY]
I have heard all the comments from the athletes that come to Buffalo and stay for a night and determine that it's an eyesore. I don't know where they're staying. But I've got an incredible view looking out my window. Check out some of the pictures that I clicked tonight before th…
The Worst Intersection In Buffalo [VIDEO]
I think I may have found one of the worst intersections in Buffalo.  It's at the intersection of South Division Street and Washington, not far from Coca Cola Field.  I pass through it every day on my way to work and it never fails that somebody doesn't read the signs.
Architecture In Buffalo – Then And Now [VIDEO]
One thing I'm very proud about when it comes to Buffalo is our architecture.  I remember Randy Owen from Alabama talking with me about how beautiful some of our buildings are.  He's right.  We have some incredible architecture and here's a video to prove it.
Another Car Strikes A Building In Buffalo
It seems like we would hear about a car running into a building maybe once a year before this last two weeks.  But within the last 20 days, 10 cars have run into buildings here in Buffalo.  The most recent crash occurred around 2:30 this afternoon.