Cats Getting Brain Freeze [VIDEO]
Ah yes...a nice cold treat on a hot day.  We all love a little ice cream now and then.  I'd keep it away from the pets though.  Even they can get a touch of the brain freeze.  Luckily it goes away in a few seconds.  But it's still funny when they get it.  Need…
Cat Declawing Possibly Becoming Illegal in New York
There is a bill in front of both the Senate and Assembly regarding the ban of cat declawing in New York State.
Supporters of the ban say it is completely unnecessary – it's inhumane and 'painful' to the cat. After all to declaw a cat, you have to cut through bone, tendon and nerv…
WATCH: Cat vs. Crocodile Could Have Gotten Ugly [VIDEO]
Personally, I would have eaten the cat here.
It's amazing that the cat and alligator could be so close and nobody got hurt here. I love when different types of animals can get along, but this cat is lucky that it did not get hurt. After it pestered this crocodile in a local sanctuary, the alliga…

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