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Skittles Really Do Make A Rainbow of Fruit Flavors
Looking for something cool to do with all that Halloween candy that your kids got last week?  I'm not sure where my daughter got this from but I thought it was the coolest thing!  Check out this experiment that she did with just Skittles candy and water...
Guy on a Banjo Rocks the Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ [VIDEO]
My two favorite things in country music are fiddles and banjos. Songs just have that country feel when you put one (or both) of those instruments in them. Even a song like the Eurythmics 80s hit "Sweet Dreams" can get a bit of a country feel to it when it's done on a…
Open a Bottle of Beer With a Piece of Paper [VIDEO]
Ever find yourself with a 12 pack of beer and no way to open it?  That's when you get creative.  I've done it with my ring, another bottle, and even just the counter.  But I've never seen this done.  Watch this guy open a bottle with a piece of paper!
5 Ways You’re Drinking Your Coffee Wrong [VIDEO]
I'll admit it.  I am kind of addicted to my morning coffee.  While I'm not more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day drinker, I know there are tons of others out there that are.  So when I stumbled upon this Buzzfeed video, I had to share it with you.  I never realized I was d…
Dads Dancing (Awkwardly) [VIDEO]
It's amazing that some of us dads ever became dads at all.  With the way most of us dance, how in the world did we impress the ladies enough to even take them out on a date?  Personality.  We really should save the dancing for the people on TV.

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