Daily Distraction

Ever See a Cat in a Santa Suit? Check It Out!
Typically a cat would be the last pet on earth that would be happy wearing any type of clothing. This cat seems a bit annoyed from the wagging of his tail but also is able to rock the Santa suit his owner has put on him.
Halloween Through the Cat’s Eyes! [Cute Video]
For those of us who have feline pals this is a fun video to watch.  Cat's like to get into things and knock stuff over.  Take a look at Halloween through these two furry friends eyes.  Oh and don't forget, if you have a black cat be sure to keep him safe this Halloween...
Watch This Dog Get Caught in the Act! [VIDEO]
I bet this little dog is mischievous in many ways.  In this instance, he gets caught shredding paper and making a mess.  His reaction to being caught is priceless!
Posted by RantPets on Friday, September 11, 2015

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