Randy Travis D.W.I. 911 Call Released [AUDIO]
It's sad to watch a country legend as they appear to be in a downward spiral.  The news came as a bit of a shock earlier this week that Randy Travis was arrested for D.W.I. for the second time this year.  Now the audio has been released of the 911 call from the first man on the scene …
Randy Travis Naked During DWI Arrest
More details are now available regarding Randy Travis‘ arrest in North Texas on Tuesday night. As previously reported, the singer was nabbed for suspicion of DWI, as well as retaliation and obstruction, after he allegedly crashed his car and “verbally threatened” a …
Man Charged With DWI After Crashing Farm Tractor
It's no joke that if you've been kicking back a few frosty cold alcoholic beverages you should not be driving.  You should not be driving anything at all.  That rule doesn't just apply to cars and trucks.  It applies to ATV's, farm tractors, or anything at all.