Electronic Era Presidential Firsts
It was just 8 days after he was inaugurated that President Franklin Roosevelt gave his first national radio address, speaking directly from the White House. The U.S. was at the lowest point of the Great Depression with between 25 and 33 percent of Americans unemployed. The country was worried and Ro…
Why They Make You Turn Off Your Phone On An Airplane
It’s pretty routine and we don’t like it, but every time a plane is about ready to leave the gate – the flight attendants come around and make you turn off your cell phone or any other electronic device you have. The theory is that radio interference can cause …
How A Frying Pan Changed the Guitar
It’s called the Rickenback Frying Pan and it had a huge effect on not only country music, but jazz, blues and rock. It was a patent granted in 1937 and the Rickenback Frying Pan had nothing to do with food or anything in the kitchen. It was a device that transformed the guitar.