Empire State Building

Empire State Building Modeled After Buffalo Building
Interesting that the replacement for the World Trade Center sometimes called the Freedom Tower became the tallest building in New York City yesterday as construction continues.  It’s going up at a rate of one story a week and is now taller than the Empire State Building.
Today is the day in 1931 that…
Empire State Building – Dale’s Daily Data
For 41 years it held the title of the world’s tallest building.  At 102 stories and 1250 feet high – add another 200 feet if you include the lightning rod on top – the Empire State Building brought pride and sense of hope to New York City and to the country during the Depression when many were unemp…
Lightning Strikes The Empire State Building Three Times! [Video]
Chad Brock once sang a song called "Lightning Does The Work."    Here's the proof of what lightning can do.
There was a major thunderstorm that raged through New York City on Tuesday night. The rain came pouring down and the thunder slammed loudly throughout the night.
A lot of dogs were hid…