Erie Canal Harbor

Exciting Future For Downtown Buffalo
It's an exciting time in downtown Buffalo.  With the renovation of the Statler and Lafayette Hotels, the opening of the new Federal courthouse and big plans for the University of Buffalo's medical school to move to the city's medical corridor things are happening.  And over the weekend groundbreakin…
Historic Erie Canal Kayak Trip Departs From Buffalo [VIDEO]
It was a cool morning Tuesday, when kayakers/adventurers Richard Harpham and Glenn Charles departed from Buffalo on their 500 mile trek along the Erie Canal en route to New York and the Hudson River! I was their for the news conference and the send off ceremony. In a word, it was inspiring.
Dixie Chicks on Comeback to Country Music?
I love this country. I love that I am an American. And I love country music. The Dixie Chicks are both. Period. Now, you rarely hear of the Dixie Chicks anymore, it’s a shot in the dark to hear them on almost any country radio station in the country now a days yet, they ARE the top selling all femal…