Father's Day

Want Justin Moore to Perform for Your Dad?
You think your dad is the best dad in the world? Justin Moore wants to perform live at your house for you and your dad!
Upload and share a video explaining why your dad is the best,and enter for a chance to have Justin perform at your home...
Top Things Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day [LIST]
Chances are you haven't gotten anything for your dad for father's day yet. Well, I've got good news for you. They recently did a poll of a bunch of dads to find out what they really want, and the thing at the top of the list cannot be purchased.  Good news right?
The Evolution Of Dad Dancing [VIDEO]
When I saw this, I started crying laughing because not too long ago, my mom and I were going through every dance move that her and her friends do when they get out on the dance floor -- they're so typical yet funny.
What Dads REALLY Want For Father’s Day
If you're a dad, chances are you're getting some ties, socks and, if you're lucky, a sweet "No. 1 Dad" mug this Sunday. But what do you REALLY want? According to dads on the Internet, the wish list is pretty simple.
According to dads on Reddit, here's what they really want this Father's Day…

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