Prepping Your Outdoor Living Space for the Season
The nice weather and sunshine has put most people in a better mood.  It’s hard not to smile more when the sun is shining.  I love coming home after work and being able to putter around in my back yard or go for a walk in the neighborhood.  Last night I brought a couple of patio chairs up from the ba…
Get Ready for Big Hats at the Kentucky Derby
Hats were a highlight at the royal wedding last week but the English aren't the only people who like to wear big hats!  This weekend is the Kentucky Derby and if you watch the race you know you’re going to see some big crazy hats.  Let’s take a loo…
Toby Keith Facebook Comments From USO Troops
Toby Keith continues his USO tour and his Facebook page has received thousands upon thousands of comments. Totally uplifting.  People recognized their loved ones in the photos from his shows for the troops; better yet… serviceman/woman recognizes themselves in a picture.
[Gallery] Spring Flowers
It sure doesn't feel like spring but soon enough it will.  Here are some beautiful spring flowers to squash the winter blahs. Snow, Snow go away!!