Flying Bison Brewing Company

How Flying Bison Beer Is Made Here In Buffalo [VIDEO]
When was the last time you drank some hometown Buffalo beer? For many folks, it may have been a Simon Pure or Iroquois in the early 70's when our two last major Buffalo breweries went out of business. Have you ever tasted any of the offerings from Flying Bison?
Are You A Craft Beer Drinker? [VIDEO]
So what kind of beer are you drinking these days? Are you drinking what everyone else is drinking? Or are you a craft beer drinker? Over the past decade, there has been a strong craft beer movement in the United States. Craft beers are produced by smaller breweries where the emphasis is placed on ta…
Buffalo’s Own Flying Bison Brewing Company Doing Well
Buffalo has always been a beer town. Back in the early 1900's, Buffalo was home to many breweries. They included: Beck's, Stein's, Schrieber's, Lang's, Phoenix, Iroquois and Simon Pure. The last two major breweries were Simon Pure and Iroquois which closed their doors for go…