Top 5 Breakfast Places in the Suburbs Around Buffalo
I'll argue these 5 all day long.
There's nothing better than mom and pop, locally owned breakfast pads and here are some top notch ones (I mean, most of the places on this list are the owner's first names--that's when YOU KNOW you've hit breakfast gold)
Today (November 3) is National Sandwich Day! To celebrate a lot of places are offering free food. The stat on the news last night said that "the average America eats one sandwich per week". (I laughed--I think I have a couple per day...and that's serious)...
Who Has WNY’s Best Sponge Candy?
It's back! Tomorrow is National Sponge Candy Day! Buffalo is the Sponge Candy Capital of the world. So obviously, people are very particular about where they get their sponge candy from.
Crews Have Started On The New Dash’s in Buffalo!
That new cool, state of the art Dash's supermarket has broken ground out in North Buffalo! The new store on the corner of Hertel and Starin Avenues will bring about 100 jobs to Buffalo and the demo will begin at the end of the month!

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