Who Has The Best Sponge Candy In Western New York?
Today is National Sponge Candy Day!  Buffalo is the Sponge Candy Capital of the world.  So obviously, people are very particular about where they get their sponge candy from.  So who has THE BEST sponge candy is Western New York?
Free Queso ALL DAY At WNY Moe’s!
Queso can make one extremely happy so, I figured I should pass it along.
You go into Moe's and say "hey, can I have some of that queso, please".
And BAM--chips and queso all day. For FREE.
You're welcome in advanced.
Brewery Spotlight: Big Ditch Brewing Co.
If you know me you know I love craft beer, and being from Cleveland, Great Lakes has always been one of my go to beers. Yes, Great Lakes Brewing Company is a regional beer but they also have their footprint here in the WNY community.
Big Ditch Brewing Company is located on Huron Street in downto…
The ‘Brunch Bill’ Is Now a Law – New At Noon
It's official.  What was known as the "Brunch Bill" has become a law.  According to The Buffalo News, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that says restaurants and bars can begin serving alcohol at 10 a.m. on Sundays and can apply for a permit 12 times per year …

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