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Top Fourth of July Fireworks Displays in WNY
With our fighting men and women overseas protecting our freedom and risking their lives, the fourth of July means a little more to America. The sound and feeling of a fireworks show on Independence day can't help but give you goose bumps and a feeling of national pride. Here are some of the bes…
Why Is It Called Barbecue?
The standard modern English spelling of the word is barbecue, but other accepted variations are barbeque and abbreviations like bar-b-q or BBQ. But no matter how it’s spelled or how the word is used it means good eatin’.
How to Grill a Ribeye Like a Boss [VIDEO]
I've been grilling for years. Some of my best summer memories involve hanging out with my dad around the grill. He taught me everything I know about grilling.
But what if this is your first time around the grill and your father-in-law is coming over for his Fourth of July steak? What do you do? …
Win Tickets to Jam in the Valley 4th of July Weekend!
Win tickets to see Eric Paslay, JB Aaron, Blackjack Billy and Barnstorm at the Jam in the Valley – Buffalo Hill Village in Varysburg NY on Thursday July, 3rd. Celebrate 22 years of Jam in the Valley and celebrate Independence Day Weekend with country music fans...

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