Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In Halloween Pumpkin
It's all fun and games until someone gets their head stuck in a pumpkin.  Seriously...watch as this girl thinks it'd be funny to stick her head in her gigantic pumpkin...only to get it stuck there for a few horrifying minutes.
Top Trending Halloween Costumes In Buffalo 2016
The website, Frightgeist shows locally trending costumes in every major city, as well as what are the top searched costumes in the country.
If you don’t like any on the list below and you’re crunched for time before this weekend's festivities, here&CloseCurlyQuote…
2016 Controversial Costume #2: Too Far?
Too far on this one from Walmart? Some major players were selling this 'Tranny Granny costume' for 2016 and people have thrown a major fit about it.
As a part of our Halloween assortment, we offered a costume that was called 'Women's Granny Costume' in our women&CloseCur…
Win Kelsea Ballerini tickets from Clay, Dale + Liz!!
It’s almost Halloween and Country 1065 WYRK wants to send you to see Kelsea ‘boo-la-rini – yes we know it’s Ballerini but we couldn’t resist. Kelsea is
playing a sold out show on Saturday, December 3rd at the Town Ballroom. Listen to
It’s the Season for Tricks, Pranks and Vandalism
With Halloween fast approaching it seems always this time of year you need to be vigilant of pranksters and people up to no good wanting to wreck property and smash pumpkins.
Now I'm no prude, I understand the concept of pranks but all in good fun does not include having your property damaged by…

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