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If You Own Multiple Dogs, You Can Relate To This [VIDEO]
Having just one dog (Pepper) sure makes life easier than having multiple dogs for a few reasons. First, one dog to feed. Second, one dog to clean up after, and third, just one dog to take for rides in the truck.
When you have multiple dogs, there can be competition. The good news is that the lady in …
We All Scream For Ice Cream
On this final day of July – one last chance to get in some ice cream facts. You already know vanilla is the most popular flavor and chocolate is the most popular topping.
But you’d have to go back to the days of Alexander the Great 300 years Before Christ who loved to eat snow with nectar and honey.
Who Served The First Ice Cream Cone?
Summertime means baseball, hot dogs, ice tea and ice cream cones.
July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July is designated as National Ice Cream Day.
Ice cream had been around for a while, mainly served on paper plates and in metal cones until one day at the St. Louis World’s Fair. …