LOOK: Neat Hidden Features in New iOS 11
Welp, I didn't know a few of these so, I figured I would pass these along to see what you can find useful! It's a huge update for Apple, but there are some things you might not be able to find right away, so take a look!
These iOS 11 hidden features have only scratched the surface of what&…
WARNING: Turn Off the New iPhone Feature On So You Don’t Get Tracked
If you don't do this, your phone will track you nearly all of the time. Not only does it use up some data, but almost everyone wants a little peace of mind.
There are three main ways the new iOS 10 update on the iPhone will track your location:

“Location Services”
“Frequent Locations”
Third-party apps

WARNING: Turn Off the New iPhone Feature That Will Raise Your Bill
The new iOS9 system has a new feature that will sky-rocket your phone bill if you are not careful. iOS9 will use your mobile data when it thinks your wireless signal is low, so if you don't want to be bundled with extra charges or run out of data from your mobile carrier here is how to turn it …
iPhone Siri’s Inventor Shares Little-Known Trick [VIDEO]
You think you know your iPhone and Siri really well, right? Think how much more the actual creators of Siri know.
The team was asked about any tips or tricks of Siri that may not be known, and they had one right away. One that is almost never talked about or published about.
SWEET! Cell Phone Hack: Charge Your Phone Wirelessly
Droids or iPhone it doesn't matter--it'll work with either and it is worth the 5 minutes putting this together.
This is one of those hacks that is truly a hack and can change your life forever. Imagine never needing your charger again and all you had to do is just toss your phone on a pad f…

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