She Was On Jeopardy! Weeks After She Passed Away From Cancer
Jeopardy contestant Cindy Stowell passed away nearly three weeks ago, but she keeps appearing every night on Jeopardy! In fact, you may have caught her tonight. Stowell died the week before her appearance on the game show was broadcast, but the champ still lives on to play each night...
Can You Answer This Jeopardy Question About Buffalo? [PICTURE]
I like to watch the Wheel/Jeopardy combo at night and sometimes I actually catch the show and obviously prove to be better than the people on the show (don't we Last night Buffalo was featured in the "World's Fairs" category. I thought it was a gimmie for WNY,…
A Replacement For Alex Trebek?
'Jeopardy' without Alex Trebek is like 'The Price Is Right' with out Bob Barker.
...Oh wait, they already did that....AND IT STINKS!
But what can you do? Times change, people get older, and you have to find replacements (sorry, Drew Carey).
Jeopardy Star And Supercomputer Watson Gets A New Job
How many times have you heard about something was recently invented that seemingly nobody needs and just makes people lazier?  You ask yourself, "Why are our incredibly intelligent scientists wasting their time on this stuff when there are real problems in the world that they could be solving?&…

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