If You Need A Job–Over 1,500 Are Coming To WNY!
If you're looking for a job, you may have a new life path very soon! There are over 1,500 jobs coming to Amherst as a financial consulting company, Strategic Financial Solutions is making its way here!
The company employs people in New York City, but when they move to 15 Lawrence Bell Drive in Amhers…
List of State Jobs Available Here in Buffalo
If you know anyone looking for a job, pass this along! Mechanics, nurses, occupational therapists, auditors and many more positions are needed to be filled in New York State.
State jobs usually entail good benefits, decent pay and sometimes great pensions...
Need A Job? Darien Lake Is Hiring
Milder temperatures, the ice boom being removed and Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort putting out the call for seasonal employees.  It's another one of the many sure signs of spring in Western New York.
FAA Hiring 1,400 High Paying Air Traffic Controllers
If you need a job, you may just end up at the Buffalo Airport being an air traffic controller. The Federal Aviation Administration needs to hire 1,400 entry-level air traffic controllers. We hear that the entry position pays around $29,000,
Don't worry though, you're salary will go up...
Weird – This Is Why She Had to Give Up Her Nursing License
Well, Kristen Johnson, that was just dumb...and weird. Really, weird.
At 27 years old she had to give up her nursing license after she was convicted of taking photos of an unconscious patient’s penis. According to FOX:
Johnson was arrested in May 2015 after aut…

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