John F. Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy 1964 Audio Tapes Released [Audio]
A new book out this week reveals what former First Lady Jackie Kennedy said in a 1964 interview.  Her daughter Caroline Kennedy has released content of the interviews in "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life With John F. Kennedy...
Navy SEALS – Dale’s Daily Data
We’ll never forget the success the Navy SEALS had in their mission to take out Osama bin Laden a few weeks ago.  How much do you know about this special military unit? 
SEALS stands for Sea, Air and Land.  What separates the Navy SEALS from the other military branches&C…
Who Is The Most Popular President In Modern History?
Who is your favorite president?  It seems that over time, long deceased presidents gain more popularity with Americans.  My favorite of all time was Ronald Reagan, but he only came in number two in a new poll just released.  Top honors went to John F. Kennedy.