We Filled The Pothole in Buffalo Up With Popcorn [PICTURES]
The potholes are annoying as hell, so I decided to go to each town around WNY and find the worst of the worst and kind of poke-fun at them a bit. The third stop in Lancaster (which really wasn't as bad we thought), was on Erie Street (but, that was real bad)
Top Hole-In-The-Wall Bars in Buffalo #1
#1 Matty's
Elma's gold mine for fun. It's a mini bar that blares classic rock and country music 24/7. It's cheap and in the Summer you can head in the back yard and play games. It gives you the feeling of being in your backyard.
PICTURE: Bald Eagle Hanging Out in Lancaster!
It's not every day that you see a bald eagle in Western New York! There are a few spots you typically may see them a little more often, such as Zoar Valley, but Lancaster was an unexpected place that one of the bird's were spotted. Most likely looking for some dinner, where the eagle sat t…

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