Little Kid Is Too Tired To Finish His Lunch [VIDEO]
It's exhausting to be a little kid.  There's so much to do.  Then add to that a first class trip on a plane, and it might become near to impossible to finish your lunch.  But I've got to give him credit...he sure gives it his best try.
Brett Alan’s Top 5 Favorite Things To Find In His Lunchbox
You waited all day for it.  It was that moment that you could stop paying attention to a teacher for a couple minutes and just relax.  It was halfway through the day.  It was lunchtime, and your mom could make it or break it for you depending on what she packed in your lunchbox. …
Why Aren’t People Eating Lunch at Work? [POLL]
Tonight's Useless Trivia question (Wednesday, August 15) had to do with people's lunch habits at work. The question stated that although it's normally expected at work, four out of 10 employees would not eat their lunch at work. Why not?