10 Most Disturbing Things Found in McDonald’s Food [VIDEO]
Do you watch what you eat? From poop to dead animals, meet ten of the grossest stuff found in the yummiest snacks. The following surprise ingredients in the famous McDonald’s menu may just make diners think twice. Apologies if you’re about to have your lunch; here are…
McDonalds Kiosks – Good Idea Or Not?
Honestly the dual drive thru lane had me worried that orders would get messed up more than ever, but that seemed to work out for McDonalds.  Now Kiosks have entered the picture.
Just like the check in at the airlines, you simply type in your order instead of talking to the person behind the coun…
McDonald’s To Accept New Payment For Free Meals
Western New York McDonald's will be participating in McDonald's 'lovin' campaign where they may ask you to participate in a positive, loving act and in return, they'll buy your food for you.
But, there's a little bit of a trick on this one...

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