Mickey Rats

A Great Mickey Rats Moment with WYRK
WYRK is proud to be at the first day of the final summer at Mickey Rats! The big day is almost here and it's time to start looking back at some of the great moments we have shared at Mickey Rats over the past few years.
Mickey Rats Opening Day Announced!
The final curtain call for Mickey Rats will be at the end of this year, so they're getting the final season started with a huge bang! Opening day at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds will be on April 21, the club announced last week. This year Wendy Lynn will be back out there every Friday for Coun…
[UPDATE] Is Mickey Rats Being Sold?
Mickey Rats Beach Club is still up for sale. The owner says the Paladino contract expired, according to The Buffalo News.
Long-time owner Richi Alberts said that the contract with Paladino and four other investors expired in early September after 90 days and was no longer valid. As a resu…

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